Donatella transforms the products grown in fields into the unique and simple dishes of Cucina Bianca.

Cucina Bianca (it literally means White Cooking) like potatoes,  cabbages , leeks turnips, flour, milk and cheese. An aromatic cooking full of flavours and aromas created and preserved all along the centuries by the Alpine culture.

Our starters
Fried bread
Cold cuts
Toma of our goats with lavender, strawberry, kiwi, rose and Ormeasco jelly
Primo sale with mountain herbs
Baked goat cheese
Vegetable flan (yellow squash, cauliflower, leeks) with fondue or white sauce with saffron
Friscioi with nettle and onion
Potato cake
Potatoes and ajé
Gran pistau (our grain broken and boiled in the pot, then stir-fried with leeks)

Our first
Raviore of Montegrosso
Turle with potatoes and mint
Bastardùi with leek sauce
Sugéli or Streppa e caccia là  with brusso sauce

Our seconds
Rabbit with Ormeasco wine
Cioi Longhi hen
Pork loin with Ormeasco wine and apple sauce

Side dishes with our vegetables (depending on the season) or polenta made with our corn milled in the old waterwheel of Mendatica

Our desserts
Goat milk panna cotta with raspberry sauce / more / chestnuts / hazelnuts / custard
Chestnut cake
Ice cream with goat milk
Chocolate cups and khaki or vineyard peaches
Tiramisu with goat cheese

Ormeasco wine of our vineyards
Liqueurs and spirits from our production

Tasting menu (8 starters, 2 firsts, 2 seconds, 2 desserts, drinks included): 23,00 € per person.